Internet traffic increased 38.8% during quarantine

By Drafting Tecnosfera April 17, 2020 /

The Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) presented its second report on the Internet traffic that the country is experiencing in the midst of the quarantine due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In this document, as happened with the first one presented last April 8, the information was provided by telecommunications network operators in compliance with the provisions of Decree 464 of 2020 and with the purpose of taking measures necessary to avoid congestion of Internet traffic in Colombia during the State of Emergency.

For this report, the CRC asked the most representative Internet access service operators to report the information on daily traffic from March 30 to analyze daily Internet demand until the State of Emergency ends. “This monitoring report will be published weekly by the Commission.”

Thus, the information in the report is cut to April 12, 2020 and the trend of increase continues, this time it was evident that, since the beginning of the quarantine, the internet traffic of Colombian households was close to 38, 8%.

Although the increase continues, the CRC emphasizes that the increase in traffic is stable and does not represent a risk for the network. And, furthermore, that “the infrastructure and communication networks that the ICT industry in Colombia has shown have been dimensioned to withstand the increase in demand and preserve the continuity of service at peak times.”

On the other hand, there was no evidence of a change in the consumption habits of the Internet service in terms of schedules. However, the Commission highlights that “the responsibility we have to make efficient use of the network, giving priority to the contents of work and education.

Following the provisions of Decree 464 of 2020, the Commission will continue to monitor and evaluate the behavior of daily Internet traffic in the country, based on the measurements reported by the operators.

Other figures
According to the report, the highest daily traffic, between March 30 and April 12, occurred on the weekend of the beginning of Easter with an average of 80.6 million GB (Gigabytes), which represents 6.1 percent higher than the average traffic carried on the other days of the sample (75.9 million GB).

However, regarding traffic during peak hours, between March 30 and April 12, overall there was a decrease of 8.5% compared to the peak hours recorded in March.

During the reference period (March 30 to April 12), the time slot with the highest Internet service traffic (rush hour) for all operators in the sample continued to be located at night, between 6 p.m. m. at 11 p. m.

In the same period, the majority of Internet traffic at peak time, approximately 60 percent, was focused on Content Delivery Network content servers and / or applications, hosted locally in Colombia, such as Facebook, Google and Netflix, among others, according to the CRC, exhibited a similar behavior to that observed in the months of January and February prior to the isolation.



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