Our new identity: Follow the Blinker Light

2020 has transformed our reality and challenged us to change. We changed our practices, our ways of being, and we immerse ourselves in the dawn of a new world. True to our innovative nature, at Blinker we accepted the challenge and embarked on the transformation of our identity.

This is how our new brand image was born. Fruit of the work of an interdisciplinary team of marketing, communication, graphic design, digital, and branding.

A commitment to current graphic design trends that expresses our essence, and at the same time, marks the beginning of a new stage for our agency, marked by the consolidation of the WideAg alliance in Latin America.

We developed a new graphic identity loaded with symbology and connected with our values. Innovation, creativity and strategic thinking are the heart of our system

We created our own Morse Code and unique mechanics for the construction of the symbols of our system. An inexhaustible source of graphic resources where intermittent periods of light and sound vibrate, honoring the natural fascination of the human being for communication. We believe that good vibes attract, infect, and communicate the joy of a job well done.

We complemented this transformation with the launch of a renewed website, with an agile and intuitive design, and the incorporation of cutting-edge digital services in the market.

To our vast experience in strategic digital marketing planning, we incorporated customer experience services, based on strategic agreements with local partners, and we fully immersed ourselves in social listening and big data analysis, combining the power of artificial intelligence with 20 years of experience thinking content for Latin America.

Every beginning is an opportunity. Our essence expands. We know the code. Follow the Blinker Light.

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