About Us

We are an ever-evolving digital marketing agency. 

We have 20 years of experience behind us, developing successful campaigns for Argentina & Latin America.

We are part of Wide Ag partnership, a leading global player in communication and digital marketing.

This global partnership allows us to empower each marketing action we take, leading it to be successful in the most important markets in the world.

We know audiences are getting less and less receptive to advertising messages.
That’s why our added value is to think differently: think differently makes the difference.

Innovation, creativity and strategic thinking are our philosophy´s cornerstone, our team´s driving force, in constant updating.

Our challenge is to achieve your goals, providing your organization the most developed technology and the best resources for your objectives.

We know how to lead your organization to the next level.

We are Blinker.

Management team

Marcelo Fedele

CEO. Wide Ag / Blinker Media

Valeria Álvarez

Digital Director

Diego Gómez

Paid Media Specialist

Leonor Samanta Nicora


Patricio Potente

Global Business Development Manager