Lead Scoring: A Strategic Tool for Business Success

Lead Scoring is an Inbound Marketing technique used to qualify and classify potential customers (leads) based on their interaction with the company. Its main objective is to identify and prioritize leads that are more likely to become customers. This process allows assigning a score to each lead, thus facilitating the focus of sales and marketing efforts on those closer to conversion.

How Does Lead Scoring Work?

The Lead Scoring process begins with the definition of specific criteria that determine the quality of a lead. These criteria may vary depending on the nature and goals of each company, but commonly include aspects such as website interaction, email opening, downloading relevant content, and other behaviors indicating interest and engagement with the brand.

Once these criteria are established, scores are assigned to each interaction or behavior. These scores reflect the level of interest and engagement of the lead. As a lead interacts more with the company, they accumulate more points, contributing to their total score…

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