The importance of Digital Marketing in Foreign Trade: 2020 Strategies and Challenges

Why is digital marketing so important in our foreign trade strategy?

Webinar by Marcelo Fedele, CEO of Blinker, for Concanaco Servytur México.

Landing into a new market requires a full research of a country’s culture. The success of our investment in foreign trade largely depends on our Digital Marketing strategy.

What should we consider when we arrive with our products in a new country?
What data should we know before reaching that market? What is the best marketplace for my brand?

Digital marketing allows us to know which are the best tools to approach a new client, in a market whose culture is new to us. Currently, we have access to an infinity of resources, easily accessible and more even free, that allow us to analyze the trends of the market we want to reach.

A good digital marketing strategy today does not think about selling products, but about how to help consumers better use those products. In this way, we strengthen the customer journey with our brand or service.

What will the customers do with our products? What are the customers looking for? Why are they looking for it? What key-words? Markets are conversations, and we must listen carefully to the voices of the market we are going to enter.

In this webinar, Marcelo Fedele, CEO of Blinker and co-founder of WideAg, shares the main trends in digital marketing for Latin American markets. The emotional engagement strategies, the customer´s construction, the listening of networks, and big data to measure customer satisfaction and the importance of a good loyalty program are some of the most interesting topics of this Live.

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