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Digital campaigns whit influencers have become very popular in digital marketing, especially in the last year. The Covid-19 pandemic transformed and continues to transform the habits of consumers and users all around the world.

There are micro, macro and mega influencers, according to their organic outreach, and their number of followers.

Likewise, there are automated platforms that use AI and very precise search algorithms. Those platforms allow us to maximize the results of our investments in influencer marketing.

How to create good influencers campaigns?

Step 1: Audience selection

Who are we going to talk to? We must be very clear about who is the campaign aimed at, and the issue it will address. Good targeting is the first step of a successful campaign.

Step 2: Influencer selection

How to choose the right influencer for our goals? And once chosen, how to hire it?

Our influencer must have a good organic outreach of the audience we want to reach. A mega influencer may have thousands of followers, but if he does not have an organic reach to the audience we are interested in, the campaign will not achieve its objectives.


Based on current trends, a good target audience segmentation, coupled with a micro-influencer with good organic outreach, can yield very good engagement or sales results.

Step 3: Analysis of results

How to measure the return on investment? From the use of automated platforms, it is possible to measure the ROI we had and what results we generated from these campaigns.

These measurements are a great tool, allowing us to optimize, relearn and improve the scope of our digital marketing campaigns with influencers.

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Insight for MMA Latam by Marcelo Fedele, CEO of Blinker, & WideAg co-founder

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