How to use influence to send impactful messages

With influencers, a new way of making a brand known, more personal and direct, has been born. In recent times, referents have been emerging whose message aims to generate social impact, to be a kind of “militant for good causes”.

In this framework, different studies show that companies that deploy strategies for this area have a better valuation in the markets and have better performance in their finances.

In this regard, Marcelo Fedele, CEO & Founder of WideAg Latam Group, defines influencers as the person who connects the advertiser with his audience based on the values ​​that both have in common. “The impact that is generated through a reference within a community is highly positive and they are a credible and reliable channel for the brand to communicate with its audience,” he says.

Mayra Alcántara, director of Influencer Marketing at another agency, clarifies that Influencer Marketing is not investing in likes, but in valuable content within a segmentation. “A digital influencer, by definition, must have the ability to produce content that taps into their audience’s insights,” explains the spokesperson. In this sense, “a positive influencer will be a person capable of influencing towards doing good or acting positively, in all aspects”.

Currently, Influencer Marketing has gone from being a simple trend to becoming a key axis of the marketing mix of any brand or service. “It is important to remember that advertising responds to the consumption habits of its audiences and these, in turn, to their culture”, highlights the executive. “In the case of social impact campaigns, the most important thing will always be to look for profiles that share the cause, that have credibility and that their content is compatible with the message that you want to convey.”

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Insight for Marketing Future Today by Rocío Bravo, with the contribution of Marcelo Fedele, Blinker & WideAg CEO

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