Media and influencers: Protos Wines and Wineries

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Media and Influencers: Protos Wines and Wineries

Campaign: Advertising and Digital Marketing in Media and with Influencers

The promotion and positioning of Protos Wineries in Mexico was carried out, according to the approach and image of Protos wineries in the world, different topics were contemplated such as; gastronomy, with reference to the country, lifestyle and oenology.
Strategically, different media and communication channels were sought according to the possible indicators from various sources for the promotion of the Protos wine brand in Mexico.

Advertising & Digital Marketing in Media
We work in the advertising, promotion and positioning of Bodegas Protos wines in the media, achieving more than 2 million impacts, in media such as Food & amp; Travel, Where to Go, Hola Magazine, Mexicanismo Magazine, Tourist Nexos, First Class, Bleu Magazine & amp; Blanc, Central, Fwd Travel Magazine, Executive Woman Magazine, Luxury In Magazine, Fahrenheit, Panorama Auto , Online Jewish Newspaper, Saborearte, Gazzetta Hedone, Presidential Suite, Tresmil400, among others.


Aquiles Chávez

Professional chef with an authentic and light personality, he makes culinary art a fun, perfectionist job.

IG 118k followers TW 387k followers FB 17k

Andrea Nahle

Lifestyle blogger, travel and everything that traveling experiences entail, she always tries to generate content that is highly aesthetic and show her pride for being Mexican, always giving the best recommendations and points of view of the experiences she lives.

IG 131k followers TW 16k followers FB 1.5k

Cinthya “Lenguas de gato”

Instagramer, blogger and photographer with a traveling profile, Cinthya is one of the most recognized influencers in the digital community, covering art, photography, travel, fashion and lifestyle.

IG 377k followers

Manu Espinosa

Content generator, a personality recognized in the digital world for his excellent work as a content creator travel (he is behind the content generated by Alan around the world) and all the elements that make it up, such as extreme, culinary and artistic experiences.
IG 132k followers

Project results


Strategic axes





  • Distributors and Vineyards

  • Gastronomy and Lifestyle

  • Wine Lovers Community

  • Promotion campaigns

  • Alliances with influencers

  • Promotion and publicity

  • 360 coverage


CLIENT: Proto Wineries
DATE: June 2019


Protos is the first winery in the Ribera del Duero. Creating excellent wines since 1927, it remains faithful to its motto “BE FIRST”, as an attitude of constant improvement with the sole objective of making the best wine.