Advocacy Marketing: Looking for brand defenders

In an era like the current one in which digital sets the rules, social networks act as a powerful word-of-mouth tool.

Advocacy marketing or recommendation marketing is a modality that focuses on making existing customers talk about the company and its products. Buyers are increasingly researching online before buying. It is a technique closely related to the traditional word of mouth, by valuing the conversations of users about our products or services.

A strategy that uses the recommendation technique must take into account what the limit is so as not to fall into the excessive use of this resource. Marcelo Fedele, CEO of Blinker, argues that you have to stay within the axis of real consumers and not try to invent them.

“And it is not only important to evaluate the scope, but also the engagement and trust that each one of them generates in its audience,” adds the CMO of L’Oréal Argentina. “This is the key point of advocacy, trust and credibility. It is very important that the audience is clear when some content has a commercial agreement involved, since, if we did not reflect it, all the recommendations at some point would end up losing credibility”, he concludes.

Marcelo Fedele, CEO & Founder WideAg Latam Group

Read the full note on Advocacy Marketing.

Insight for Marketing Future Today by Rocío Bravo, with the contribution of Marcelo Fedele, Blinker & WideAg CEO

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